Update: Sept 27th - Oct 4th

October 6, 2015

Hello again everyone, 


It is a bit of a quiet morning here at Camp Chestermere as it is the day after a fantastic Teens Weekend. We had 75 people, 53 campers and 22 staff/volunteers out this weekend. For this camp we partnered with Sunwest Christian Fellowship Youth. This was a new way of doing a camp for us and we thought it was great and something that we would like to pursue more in the future. Instead of Sunwest having their own youth retreat and us having our own camp we combined the two. This is now something we would like to offer to other churches as well. If you would like to partner with us for one of our camps, whether it be for 7 - 11 year olds, 11 - 15 or for 14 - 18, then we'd love to talk to you.  


Speaking of Teens Weekend, wow, I have to say that Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) knocked it out of the park. He led strong this weekend and it was incredible. With us still in transition there is a lot of work to be done and not necessarily enough hands to do it. Again, I think Collin describes us best when he says that we are a 62 year old start up business. But wow, absolutely amazing job by him this weekend running Teens Weekend. He just took the reins and did an amazing job. Special mention should also be made of CLTD Coordinator Marie (Willis) who also led strong this weekend. And thanks to Eric (Baloo) and Sidney (Sully) and to all of our other staff who did a great job in a supporting role. Many of you may not know that our staff do not get paid for the weekend retreats. They do it because they love this place and we are forever grateful. 


Some of the highlights of this weekend were Oscar Night, Life Size Packman and Diaper Run. Oscar Night was Friday night. Each cabin made a spoof on any movie they wanted. The short movie clips were then shown and there were three judges who gave feedback on the movies. Oscar trophies were then given out for a wide variety of categories. It was a great way to kick off the weekend. We also played a ton of wide games this weekend including diaper run, longest line, and Life Size Packman. The program team taped out a Packman board in the gym and campers went around as cabins to collect balls like Packman does while being chased by ghosts. It was AMAZING. Eric (Baloo) and Evan (Stret) Dj'ed the entire event. There was a lot of dancing, laughs and good times. Amazing night on Saturday night. We also had kids running back and forth to the lake with diapers full of lake water on their heads, human foosball, and so much more. Great weekend. 


On top of all of that, we were stoked to have Legacy 1 join us as our guest speakers. Cody Madore and Greg Denie shared the speaking on Friday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning and then other members of the team joined us for a performance on Saturday night. One of the cool parts of this is that Cody Madore is an alumni of Camp Chestermere who is now in full time ministry with Legacy 1. It was cool hearing him speak on Saturday morning. Again, one of the cool parts of this job is watching people grow and it was great to see Cody in his element. Cody also led some dance workshops as an activity on Saturday. I highly recommend Legacy 1 for any school or church. They do incredible work and it was great to have them and we for sure want them back.      


Camp Chestermere continues to help and support several initiatives that are happening throughout the City of Chestermere. We are currently a drop off location for the Jacket Racket campaign. Donations from this campaign will be given to people in and around Chestermere in October and will also be distributed during the Langdon Community Church’s winter wear exchange program in November. Here's a cool thing though, I didn't know until right now that Langdon Community Church was involved. Camp Chestermere chose to be involved because it made sense as a way for us to help support the community. Langdon Community Church just happens to be one of our member churches. I just think it's cool how that came together. If you have some winter clothing you'd like to donate then come by and drop it off in the purple bin in the lobby of the lodge. 


We had two different schools from Calgary join us this week. One joined us for a Choir Camp and the other for a French Camp. While the weather may not have been great for Teens Weekend, both of these groups enjoyed some great weather. Thanks to Emily (Lilo) who did an amazing job hosting throughout the week. 


We also hosted an Activity Day on Wednesday for a local Chestermere school. We traditionally have only held these in June but we are trying to expand on what we do. The ironic thing was that the group had better weather on Wednesday then they had when they were here in June. They did archery, had a camp fire, played games on the beach, played wide games, did target shooting, launched bottle rockets, and more. Thanks to Zach, Emily (Lilo), Chantel (Lilac), Kaiden (Tardus), Jade (Pixel), and Pam (Monkey) for coming out and helping make this day a success. Also, Pastor Dez Wenas joined us from Langdon Community Church. He came and ran target shooting all day. It was awesome having a lead pastor form one our member churches involved in a new way. Thanks Dez. Again, we encourage people from all of our member churches and all of our Camp Chestermere alumni to contact us about ways they could get involved.      


We also had an engineer from the City of Chestermere to help us look at some of our drainage and water issues that we continue to have. It was a great meeting and we have come away with some ideas as to how we can fix some of the water and flood problems we have been experiencing at camp. As you are aware, flooding has been an issue for us. Thanks to Chris, Board Member Ido, Board Chair Glenn, and Dan for all of your help looking at ways to solve these issues.  


Deloitte also volunteered time this week to help complete work around the camp. They came and raked seaweed and leaves. There are a lot of leaves. A lot of leaves. So many leaves. But seriously, we have leaves. The Deloitte crew was a small crew of 4 but they were mighty and got a lot done around the camp. Camp Chestermere is always blessed when people come and volunteer their time here at the camp. Thanks Deloitte and we look forward to having you back for your next serve day. 


Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) and I also met with some people about some cool new programming opportunities that we will be discussing with the board tonight. We are currently dreaming big at Camp Chestermere and are excited about the future. Please continue to pray for us and contact us about volunteering. Many hands make light work and we could use some hands. Thanks everyone. 

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