Update: August 9-14

Hello again everyone,

Well I am hoping that this update does not take as long as the last one to write. I started the Week 6 update at 9 am this morning and it took more than 12 hours before I sent it. And this is not because I am that slow a typer or because the updates are that long (although some may argue both points). But seriously, that is the pace of camp. There is no such thing as sit and get something done. The pace is always at about a 100 miles an hour and you barely have time to catch your breath. BUT, it is awesome. I love my job. I often catch myself at Fireside, or at a meal time or during an activity time with kids and think to myself, "How am I fortunate enough to be asked to lead this." I am actually starting to become a little emotional that summer is going to end. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm exhausted. I need a break. But I am going to miss these people when I don't see them everyday. Straight up, this is the best job and I feel humbled to be able to do it.

However, camp is a quiet place at the moment. There is a special event happening tonight at the Jack Singer Concert Hall and we sent our entire camp, campers and staff, to it. A ministry who travels internationally called Skull Church is in town and is doing a night of worship and then guest speaker Levi Lusko is speaking. Many of our staff listen to the podcasts from this speaker and say that he is fantastic. Also, one of our former staff members is the main organizer of this event. The event is free but camp has payed to bus everyone there. For more information on Levi Lusko please go to http://levilusko.com and for more information about Skull Church go tohttp://www.skullchurch.com.

I however stayed behind as I am leaving for holidays on Saturday morning and the camp being away has given me the opportunity to catch up on some things I am behind on. Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) is leading the trip and I cannot wait to hear the stories of how it went. I actually just got a call from Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) and he said the night was amazing and everyone is headed back safe and excited about the evening.

Also, as I write this it is raining again outside. Earlier is was just pouring and there was some hail and yes, as I mentioned in my last update, I am getting a little twitchy. However, I love how God works as it is a good thing I stayed behind because when the rain really started coming down the drains outside the lodge began to back up. Fortunately I was able to unclog them before Down Under flooded............ again.

Ok, but that is for the Week 8 update. This is the Week 7 update. For Week 7 we had 103 Day Campers, 118 Overnight Campers, and the 9 first year CLTD's completed their second week of the Foundations program. Due to the low numbers of CLTD's, we also had a work crew. Usually the CLTD's do many chores such as set up and clean the dining room for meals, wash and put away dishes and rake seaweed. However, with only have 9 of them we had to call in a work crew as well. One of the things we have been blessed with this year at camp is staff. People are really buying back into the vision of this place and they want to be a part of it which is super encouraging.

Our guest speaker for Week 7 was Pastor Faye Vecino. She is the children's pastor at River of Life Alliance Church and a long time speaker and supporter at Camp Chestermere. Her kids have gone and worked her. She did an outstanding job. The theme this week was super heroes and she did a great job of talking to the kids about being heroes in their families, communities, and schools.

However, while the theme we set for the camp was superheroes, the kids had a different theme and that was ENERGY. Seriously, they did not quit. They were non stop from 8am until 10pm. They just did not quit. And it wasn't bad energy but just energy. Like wow. Just thinking about it again as I write about it is making me exhausted. I think it was evidence that God has a sense of humour in that He waited until the final kids camp of the summer to send us the most energetic group. It was awesome but there was more than one cabin leader with heavy, heavy eyes at Friday morning breakfast.

We also finally had a great week of weather. No rain. Awesome. And this was probably extra good given the kids energy level. I have no idea how we would have survived if that group of kids would have had to stay inside. Like seriously, one night the leaders of Brown 1, which is our youngest cabin, just sent the kids to run laps to the wide game field and back just to try to tucker the little guys out. CLTD Coordinator Marie (Willis) said, "I was standing outside the Chap and this group of boys just flew past me and so I went to call Baloo to come help and then they buzzed past me again and I realized the cabin leaders were sending them for laps to try to get them tired. I just thought, what is happening?" I am sure those of you who know Willis well can picture her saying "What is happening?" as only Willis can.