Update: August 2-7

Good morning everyone,

Ok I know I have become a little delinquent on the weekly updates but it has been an amazing summer and Week 6 was no exception. I also am encouraged by the number of emails, phone calls and in person requests from people about receiving these weekly updates. I promise that I will get back to weekly in the fall. For now however, I am a little behind but it has been great to spend time with so many kids this summer.

Week 6 was another middle camp and we had 107 Overnight Campers, 39 Day Campers, and 9 First Year CLTD's. We also had a couple of Day Campers join us for one or two days throughout the week. One of the things you can expect to see for summer 2016 is more flexibility in registrations, especially for Day Camp. Priority will be given to people who book for the week but we do want to provide some flexibility for families who's children may not be able to attend the full week around a long weekend. Our numbers around long weekends tend to be a little down and I believe that one solution to this would be more flexibility for our clients. There are many conversations happening behind the scenes about this right now and more information will follow in the spring of 2016.

Actually, this would be a good time for me to mention that there are a lot of conversations happening already about the 2016 summer camping season. This summer has been amazing and we have seen many successes and triumphs but I am already excited about the changes for next year. We are exploring ideas such as a blob in the lake, a new bike program, a mud pit and more. For winter camps we are looking at putting in a skating rink. This summer has been a summer of learning for me as a director and I have been on a learning curve that is straight up hill. However, now that we have a better understanding of how we operate as a staff and now that I have a better understanding of what I have been asked to lead, I am STOKED about what is coming. The future of Camp Chestermere is very bright. Lots of ideas, lots of discussion and lots of cool new programs and activities coming. Stay tuned, read updates and get involved. "A Place To Belong" isn't just our slogan but it is something we want to invite all of our stake holders to be grab a hold of and be a part of. Can you tell how excited I am about the future of this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

We had some more storms blow through in Week 6. Seriously, after the summer we have had I actually start to get a little twitchy every time I see some clouds in the sky. We have had way too many floods and way too much water. However, the storm this week did create a bit of a cool experience for our first year CLTD's.

A part of the 1st Year CLTD Foundations Program is something called Dessert Island. This is a chance for the participants in CLTD to grow and bond as a team. For this week's Dessert Island, the kids were outside in Office Manager Chantel's (Lilac) backyard. Then the storm rolled in with the rain and the hail and the wind. The leaders of the CLTD's immediately tried to bring the CLTD's in but the CLTD's would have none of it. They refused, REFUSED to come in and all huddled under the deck and sang songs, told jokes and bonded through the storm. The CLTD leaders were amazed at their little group of leaders. They just stayed all throughout the storm and really bonded as a team. Now parents who are reading this, the kids were never in any real danger and if it had become really dumb outside then we would have forced the kids inside. However, this was a resilient group who bonded together through the storm. As a speaker I love stuff like this because it provides so many sermon analogies.

But honestly, this particular group of CLTD's was amazing. One of the CLTD leaders remarked, "I can't wait to see these guys in third year. They are already leaders and the growth that will happen in the next couple of years will be amazing." Another CLTD Leader mention, "I cannot believe how much these guys bonded this week." This particular group of CLTD's was just awesome and it is teens like this who are the future of Camp Chestermere.

Our guest speaker for week 6 Chris King. Chris is a good friend and mentor to me and it was great to have him out here for the whole week. His kids were also in Day Camp for the week. This is one thing that we do that I love. When speakers come we have so many ways in which we take care of their kids. When Connie Jakab was here earlier this summer, Day Camp Team Lead Daniel (Archie) spent the majority of his week walking around with her son and looking after him. When my brothers kids were here, his son worked in day camp and his two daughters were over night campers. We offer day and overnight camp to our speakers for free. Unfortunately we are not able to provide bigger honorariums to our guest speakers and so it is great when we can give a little more by having their kids participate in our camps.