Update: July 26th-31st

How??? How??? How have six weeks, SIX WEEKS, of camp gone by already. The summer is flying by. I cannot believe how much stuff has happened in the last six weeks. I cannot believe that there is only three weeks of camp left. However, I am starting to get excited about going on holidays with my family at the end of August. But there continues to be amazing stories from camp this year and so I'd like to take this opportunity to again invite you into the story of camp. Also, I apologize for missing a week in regards to these updates. This update will be about Week 5 and then I will send a separate one in regards to Week 6.

Week 5 was Kids Camp and we had 66 Day Campers, 112 Overnight Campers, and 17 CLTD's. The CLTD's were finishing their final week of their year two program.

Week 5 was also a very special week for me as our guest speaker was my brother Sheldon Dean. Sheldon, his wife Valerie and their three children all came for the week and it was great to have them. Their oldest son Kyrren spent the week working in Day Camp with the 5 - 7 year olds and their two daughters spent the week as campers.

Actually, the way they ended up here is an amazing God moment. We had a speaker cancel on us at the last minute for Week 5 and so we were scrambling a bit to find a speaker. Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) and I were calling everyone we knew to come and speak. Then on the Sunday before the camp I sent my brother a text message as a joke and said, "You should take a week with fam and speak at kids camp next week......." I was totally kidding when I sent the text message. It was more out of desperation then anything that I sent the text. I then got this message back, "Like this year? That's funny you say that. I had been praying about doing that and asking you for next year." I called him right away and he said that he had been driving a few days earlier and felt that God was laying this message on his heart about talking to kids about how to live for God and how he could use characters from the bible as examples. He had started to think how he could develop this into a week long series. Here's the funny part, my brother has never spoke at a camp.... ever. Here he was just praying and feeling like God was calling him to do something and here I was sending him a completely random text message that was about what God had been calling him to do. I love how God works. Like either that is the biggest coincidence in the world or there is a God who was up to something. Well, since I do not believe in coincidences I am going to go with the latter.

Wait, it gets better. The problem though was Sheldon was just coming off of a week of holidays and so had to go and ask permission to take another week of holidays right away. This is something that his work usually does not allow. So Sheldon goes and tells his boss that he was being offered the opportunity to speak at a camp and that he would like to go. His boss said yes right away. Not that it really matters but I wanted to point out that Sheldon's boss is not a believer but was in full support of Sheldon coming and doing this. And, was not only in full support but told Sheldon not to bring his work phone or laptop and to spend the week focusing on the kids at camp. Amazing. Also, Valerie's work gave her the time off as well. And then, like as if this could get any better, but wait, it does, Sheldon owns a boat and brought his boat for that week of camp. Well, while he was here, the boat we purchased started to experience some problems and had to be taken into the shop. Now normally this would have put a huge strain on our programming but because Sheldon was able to come and speak and was able to bring his boat, we were able to send our boat in for repairs and no kids had to miss out of the experience of power tubbing. Ya, God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

However, God and I are still in discussions about the weather choices for this summer. We have had more than our share of storms. It was also actually cold here during Week 5. Like the furnaces came on in the lodge. There have actually been some pretty funny posts on social media about the storms. However, it looks like this week is going to be a week of HOT HOT HOT so hopefully this will help everything to dry out. The ground is very, very wet and is causing us all kinds of problems. We will be needing to put in a new boat launch in the fall and the wet ground has created some problems in some other areas as well. Hopefully this warm weather will assist in drying everything out.

The theme for Week 5 was Olympics and a lot of our Camp Events involved some great competitions. For our Dead Cow time with staff we had food inspired by Greece. During this time, staff again shared their highlights from the week. One of the best highlights came from a power tubing story. During the week Sheldon had been commenting on how fast some of the boat drivers were going with the kids but he was amazed that no one was getting flipped or falling off. But he kept bugging us that some drivers were going fast. Then one afternoon I was bringing Sheldon a coffee and he had a bit of sheepish look on his face. I asked him what was up and he said, "Ummm, I definitely just 360 a group of kids on the power tube." I asked what happened and he said that he was pulling the tube and it hit a wave and the kids went completely upside down and all three kids were launched into the water. Later I ran into a cabin leader who said, "Coach, we just had the most EPIC flip ever. There were these two boys who were scared to go onto the tube and so I went with them and I spent the whole time convincing them that we wouldn't flip and that it would be ok. And then Sheldon hit this wave and we flew up in the air and the one kids hand went flailing out and hit me in the mouth and then we all went upside down and landed in the water. When we all came up I looked at the other kids and they were all laughing their heads off. It was awesome. They were so s