Update: June 14-21

Hello again everyone. I hope this email finds you doing well as you and we prepare for summer. I hope that you will be able to find some time to rest and refresh over the summer. We however, are just gearing up for a busy with a camp full of kids of all ages. But this is what we do and we LOVE it.

This week was another busy week at Camp Chestermere as we hosted 4 activity days. From Monday - Thursday a number of schools came through to participate in our Activity Days and once again our Seasonal Leadership Team did an amazing job. I really love this group of leaders and their heart for this place. They just continue to serve without complaint and continue to knock it out of the park on a consistent basis. They truly are the face of Camp Chestermere and

the camp is in very good hands this summer with this team.

We have a new partnership that is working out AMAZINGLY well for us. One of our member churches, Chestermere Christian Fellowship, connected us with a group called Alberta Job Corps. Here is some information from their website: "The Alberta Job Corps program provides structured, supportive training and work experience for individuals who have a sporadic employment history. The program gives participants the opportunity to work and earn a wage while learning reliable employment skills. Participants are hired by the Ministry and are paid minimum wage plus employer contributions. They work on projects for their local communities and non-profit organizations. The Alberta Job Corps program is designed to work in cooperation with employers, training providers, aboriginal groups, community organizations and schools." For more information on this program you can check out their website at http://humanservices.alberta.ca/working-in-alberta/3157.html.

Specifically for us however they have been able to finish the painting the Green Triplex, are painting Orange Tripex, finished the staff lounge, mowed lawns, cleaned up the beach and volley ball court and are helping in the Chap. They are amazing and we are blessed to have them. Thank you to Chestermere Christian Fellowship for making this connection.

On Saturday we had many volunteers out here for our Volunteer Work Day. Our Volunteers included George and Jane Nieuwenhuis, Beryl Ascott, Board Chair Glenn Minnesma and his wife Greta , Board Member Ido Kerpel and his wife Henrietta, Board Member Tim Kurulok and and his wife Robin and son Nolan, Board Member Alex Wright, CLTDS Kellie, Alyssa, Elisha, Ben U, Ben M, Brody, Laryssa, Summer Staff David Ulrich and Pamela McCoy, Doug and Sandra Shier and Darrell Gass. It was so encouraging to see so many people out here volunteering to help out. A lot was accomplished. It really is an encouragement to our staff when so many people show love for this place in a tangible way. Thank you again to all who were able to help and know that you can come anytime during the summer to help out around camp. This place is an entirely different place when it is full of kids and it is a very energetic an contagious place to be around. Hopefully we will see lots of volunteers out this summer. If you are interested in volunteering then please contact the camp atcampoffice@campchestermere.com.

Also, Camp Chestermere continues to be blessed by people in a financail way. Last week we receieved an annonymous donation of $10 000 towards our 5 for 1 Campaign. Yup, someone anonymously bought 100 puzzle pieces. Incredible. It really is amazing how this place continues to be blessed. Thank you to all of you who support his place through the giving of your finances, time, energy and prayers.

We did have a bit of a rough week last week though as we were short one of our year round staff members for the majority of the week. Please pray for Assistant Director Collin who had all four of his wisdom teeth pulled last week. Yikes. Collin continues to feel weak as he recovers but has been a trooper and been at work as much as he could be. Having Collin at 100% is an absolute necessity for myself personally but, more importantly, for Camp Chestermere. Also, please continue to pray for Guest Services Coordinator Vicki Welsh as she continues to deal with ongoing issues with her knee. Having a bad knee is a concern when you have to be constantly up and moving so please continue to pray for her as well.

CLTD Coordinator Marie Picard had the opportunity to attend a session on Suicide Prevention and Awareness this week. She mentioned that the training was overwhelming but very practical and applicable to the work she does both in and out of camp. It is so great that we have so many qualified people on staff to deal with a variety of serious concerns. Marie is a invaluable member of our year round team and we are glad she was able to receive further training in something that far too many teenagers deal with.