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A b o u t   C a m p   C h e s t e r m e r e


Who We Are

Located just a fifteen minute drive east of Calgary, Camp Chestermere has been a vital part of the community for over 80 years. Since 1937, we've been a cherished summer camp and now rental venue, offering recreational, spiritual, and social experiences for all ages.

What We Believe

At Camp Chestermere, we present the love of Jesus Christ to youth and communities by Building Relationships, Creating Experiences and Developing People.

M e e t   t h e  
Year Round Ministry Team

We welcome your phone calls and emails.

 If you’re not sure who to contact just send your message to and we’ll get it to the right person. 

All of our staff can be reached at (403)-272-6030


Executive Director


Joined the Team: October 2023


Meet Chris Walker, our passionate Camp Director dedicated to creating a space where individuals can belong and experience the transformative love of Jesus. With 15 years of experience in youth-focused Christian ministries, Chris brings a wealth of ministry and operational expertise. From discipling individuals to executing large-scale summer events, Chris is adept at translating ministry vision into actionable plans and is s servant leader known for his humility and integrity. Originally from the UK, Chris, his Calgary-born wife Erin, and their two boys now call Canada home, where they eagerly anticipate new adventures, especially in the mountains.

Camp Name: Sequoia

Katie + Shaan


Joined the Team: April 2024


Introducing Shaan and Katie, our dynamic Camp Coordinators who are passionate about cultivating belonging and leadership among kids and youth at Camp Chestermere. Together, they build relationships, create impactful experiences, and develop programs that inspire young leaders to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Their favorite part of camp ministry is witnessing people discover their identity in Christ and deepening their relationship with him. Born in three different countries, Shaan, Katie, and their toddler son Taavi represent a beautiful fusion of cultures. Outside of camp, they enjoy cooking, spending time with friends, and embarking on new learning adventures.

Program and Ministry Coordinators

Camp Name: Acorn + Ignite


Joined the Team: April 2024


Insert bio here

Joined the Team: April 2024


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Joined the Team: October 2023

Introducing Cathy, our dedicated office manager who keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes. From handling bookkeeping to managing camp registrations, she ensures everything is in order. Her favorite part of camp ministry? Witnessing children's joy as they embrace all camp has to offer. Outside of work, Cathy loves spending time with her husband and two adult daughters, enjoys reading, walking her beloved dog Chewie, and volunteering at her home church.


Office Manager

Camp Name: Kraken

Natalie Shlyakhtovska

Rentals + Hospitality Manager


Joined the Team: March 2024


Meet Natalie, our Rentals and Hospitality Manager, the heart and soul behind ensuring every guest's visit is unforgettable. From managing year-round bookings to orchestrating camp events, she ensures every detail is perfect. But what truly lights up her day is the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with our guests, ensuring they feel welcomed and cherished throughout their stay. Originally from Ukraine, Natalie has made Calgary her home for several years now., seamlessly blending Ukrainian heritage with Canadian life. When not at work, she enjoys singing in choir, hiking, and cherishing moments with her grandson.

Camp Name: Seagull


Joined the Team: April 2024


Meet one of our newest additions to the team, Michael, our Food Services Coordinator. With a passion for connecting guests and ensuring they're nourished with wholesome meals, he brings a fresh perspective to our dining experience. Collaborating with the team, he strives to create memorable moments around the table that foster community and connection. Beyond the kitchen leads a vibrant life filled with acting, reading, traveling to new destinations, and soaking up the beauty of the outdoors.

Food Services Coordinator


Camp Name: Eggsy


Site Coordinator

Fall Promo Social Media Posts_edited.jpg

Joined the Team: January 2016


Meet Vic, our beloved Site Coordinator affectionately known as "camp grandpa." Since 2016, Vic has been the backbone of Camp Chestermere, overseeing facility maintenance with unwavering dedication. Children are drawn to his captivating stories from his past adventures as a policeman and his passion to make camp a place to belong. For Vic, the best part of working here is simple: the people. Alongside his late wife, Kathy, he's watched campers grow into remarkable individuals, guided by his positive influence and God's hand. Vic loves anything he can do out on the water be it boating, fishing or taking his team to Tim Horton’s up the lake.

Camp Name: Papa Smurf



Joined the Team: Bill served as a cabin leader in the 1990’s, then a Board Member in the early 2000s, as a boat driver for many years, and officially joined the Year Round team in August 2022.



Introducing Bill, our Maintenance Coordinator who oversees anything broken, engineers all new projects, and ensures our camp is always looked after. He enjoys the problem-solving aspect of his job and the opportunity to create solutions. Bill also assists with hosting and running activities. His favorite aspect of camp ministry? Its effectiveness in reaching and influencing young people, fostering relationships, learning, and fun, all while listening to God's leading. Bill has been married to Lynn for 35 years, and their daughters, Brianna and Larissa, have been involved in camp as campers and leaders. Outside of work, Bill enjoys a variety of hobbies, from camping and cycling to singing and woodworking, and occasionally indulges in flying with his commercial pilot's license.

Maintenance Coordinator

Camp Name: MacGyver


Joined the Team: April 2024


Insert bio here

Joined the Team: April 2024


Insert bio here

Joined the Team: 15 summers and counting! Alissa started as a camper, and has grown up through CLTD, Staff, various SLT roles, and now here on the YRT!

Introducing Alissa, our versatile Office and Camp Support. From creating digital communications to coordinating staff onboarding and preparing camp programming she is a true summer camp pro. To her, Camp Chestermere has always been the root of her deepest sense of community and her greatest passion of working with kids. Outside of work, she is always on the lookout for the next concert, travel destination, artsy project, or the latest tunes to add to her monthly playlist.


Office + Camp Support

Camp Name: Star



Joined the Team: Erik has been around Camp C for 12 years, starting as a camper and growing through CLTD, Staff, SLT, and now Year Round!


Introducing Erik, our Volunteer Coordinator. From overseeing volunteers to fixing anything and everything to driving the boat for power tubing, he does it all with enthusiasm. His favorite part of camp ministry? Witnessing the profound impact we have on everyone who walks through our doors, experiencing the love of Christ firsthand. Beyond camp, Erik enjoys a leisurely drive with good company, sipping coffee (or tea), and diving into a good book like "To Know Christ."

Volunteer Coordinator

Camp Name: Moose

M e e t   t h e  
Seasonal Leadership Team



Daycamp Team Lead



Overnight Male Team Lead



Overnight Female Team Lead



Worship Discipleship Pastor



Programs Lead



Team Support



CLTD Leader



CLTD Leader

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CLTD Leader



Summer Volunteer Coordinator

SLT 2024 copy.png


Office Assistant

Kara Wilfley


Joined the Team: 2017


Meet Kara, who at the end of the day is responsible for it all. Her duties are to pray for camp, provide vision, lead the board, represent camp to the churches, facilitate communication, and then pray some more. Her favourite thing about camp is seeing students and young adults sense the power, presence, and peace of Jesus in new ways! Kara is blessed with a loving husband, Mike and two talented adult daughters, also alumni of Camp C, and their furry companion ‘Valentine’. Her love for cooking, kayaking, gardening, and sushi also add flavor to her life outside of camp.

Board Chair

Camp Name: Snow

John Mabey


Joined the Team: 1999


Meet John, a beloved member of our Camp Chestermere family since 1999, when his eldest daughter first attended. Inspired by the camp's impact on children from all backgrounds, John joined our board of directors to be more involved. Despite witnessing the highs and lows, the love from our community and the joy on children's faces keeps him motivated. Outside camp, John, an accountant, enjoys time with his wife of 32 years, their six grandchildren, and one grand puppy. A diehard Leafs fan, John also enjoys sports and volunteering. His hope is that camp remains a beacon of light and a "Place to Belong" in a broken world.

Vice Chair and Treasurer


Joined the Team: April 2024


Insert bio here

Joined the Team: April 2024


Insert bio here

Joined the Team: May 2020

Meet Charman, one of our dedicated Board members whose passion for camp ministry runs deep. While focusing on governance, she's also hands-on with operations like rentals and hospitality. Charman's camp journey (though not our camp) began in her teens, profoundly impacting her faith and instilling a love for spiritual formation and discipleship. Outside camp, she loves hosting loved ones for memorable meals and enriching conversations (hint: that’s where her camp name came from!) Charman and her husband Raymond are transitioning from a busy household to the empty nest stage.

Charman Cross

Board Member

Camp Name: Contessa

Screenshot_20230723_155651_Samsung Internet_edited.jpg

Joined the Team: Alex joined us in 2010 as a cabin leader and has held various roles since, including Team Lead, CLTD Leader, Waterfront Coordinator, and has been a board member on and off since 2014.


Introducing Alex, a long standing member of the community who wears many hats at Camp Chestermere. From participating in board meetings to lending a hand in renovations around the camp, he is always ready to pitch in wherever needed. Alex’s favorite thing about camp ministry is witnessing the interactions between staff members and kids, nurturing their growth and development. Over the years, he has had the joy of seeing campers grow up to become staff, a testament to the lasting impact of our camp community. In 2018, Alex met his soon-to-be wife, Laryssa (camp name "Giraffe") here at camp and he now devotes most of his free time to their two beloved cats, Charcoal and Effie.

Alex Wright

Board Member

Camp Name: Crumpet

Lisa Fox


Joined the Team: Lisa has been part of camp since she was in CLTD in 2009. She has been on Staff, SLT and then became a board member in 2019


Meet Lisa, a dedicated member of our Board, who ensures Camp Chestermere runs smoothly behind the scenes. From financial check-ins to organizing meetings, her contributions are invaluable. Lisa's passion for camp stems from her own transformative experience with faith here. She believes it's a place where people encounter Jesus and discover the power of faith. Based in Calgary with her husband Andrew, Lisa is an elementary school teacher who enjoys spending time with nieces and nephews, baking, gardening, reading, and cycling in her free time.

Board Secretary

Camp Name: Dutchie

M e e t   t h e  

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