HACS Camper
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Thanks to United Way/Chestermere Partnership for the funding support that allows us to financially make this program happen.

Helping all Campers succeed program

We believe that Camp Chestermere should be a place to belong for all kids - this includes those with special needs both diagnosed and undiagnosed. The purpose of this program is to create an inclusive environment where campers will be able to participate in the activities we offer while still having their needs accommodated.


Our Helping All Campers Succeed program offers 1:1 to 1:3 care for campers with a variety of needs. We have dedicated staff who are given the responsibility of leading these campers so they can experience Camp like every other kid. We will set up a meeting with parents, aids, and campers to develop a program that best suits your child. Campers in the Helping All Campers Succeed program are able to participate in both our Day and Overnight program.

Quotes from the program:

  • "My son absolutely loved Bob (his 1:1 leader). I think he feels more comfortable with a male counsellor. He was genuinely excited to see his leader and have fun with him. This camp is wonderful and I can’t thank you all enough for making him smile and try so many things."

  • "This camp has made my son able to participate in activities he normally could not. It has created an inclusive environment. Without programs like this, he would not be able to participate in camps."

  • "I have seen amazing self-esteem and confidence through his participation. He truly feels like he belongs. It has been life changing for him."

  • "Best program. Has made such a huge impact in his and our life."

  • "This was my son’s first mainstream camp experience. His 1:1 leader and the fellow leaders nailed it. We will be back next summer and probably many others. Thank you."

If you're interested in finding out more, or to book an appointment with our staff to see if this is an option for you and your child, contact our office staff at campoffice@campchestermere.com