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d o n a t e  to camp chestermere

Camp Chestermere currently has two ongoing fundraising initiatives!


hope 4 today - hope 4 tomorrow

Our Hope 4 Today - Hope 4 Tomorrow fundraising initiative serves two primary needs. The first being to fund the "today", such as keeping our Year Round Staff Team employed, bills paid, and more immediacies following the COVID-19 pandemic. The second being the "tomorrow", such as future capital projects or larger expenses. As such, each contribution towards this campaign will be split 50/50, half towards the day-to-day needs of Camp Chestermere, and half towards its future.




Jar-Jar's Kids

All donations made to our Jar-Jar's Kids program go towards sponsoring children whose families could not afford their full registration fees. By contributing to this cause, you'll be helping send a kid to camp who otherwise might not have been able to attend.

The name "Jar-Jar" comes from former staff member Jordan Caldwell, who tragically passed away in the 2016 COP incident. Jar-Jar will always be remembered as a kind, genuine and inclusive person, and a significant part of Camp Chestermere's story. 

hear from one of our sponsored families...

I am currently off work as I care for an elderly relative struggling with a terminal illness. My spouse has been supporting our family, but recently lost their job and has been looking to pick up hours wherever possible. It's put a huge strain on us, and I don't want our kids to miss out on the opportunity to just feel like kids again following illness, COVID and job loss. Programs like Jar-Jar's helps families like us get back on our feet.


w o r k  at camp chestermere


We Are Hiring!

Camp Chestermere offers a wide variety of job opportunities! From cabin leading and working closely with kids, to helping in our kitchen, administrative responsibilities, site maintenance and more—there's a job for every skillset or interest. Check out our...

v o l u n t e e r  with camp chestermere


Camp Chestermere is a not-for-profit organization that heavily relies upon the generous volunteerism of our supporters and community. Whether you're looking to...

- work with kids
- help in the kitchen
- assist administratively
- contribute to site maintenance
- drive boat
- participate in an event
& more...

If you have the time, we have the need. Contact us to learn more about

current opportunities or to get started via the link below!

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