#LegoCampC Fundriaser

For over 80 years, Camp Chestermere has been a place to belong for all who walk through our doors. We are hoping to work together with our community in order to grow and continue to affect so many lives. We've now launched our newest fundraising campaign to help us do that: #LegoCampC which stands for 'Let Everyone Grow Our Camp Chestermere'. This fundraiser is designed to highlight three projects that we believe will drastically improve what we do at Camp Chestermere. Currently, we are fundraising for the following three projects:  

  1. New Furnaces and Air Conditioning

    1. All of our buildings, except for the Lodge, are in desperate need of upgrades to the furnaces. This project will include installing air conditioning in both the Lodge and the Chap. The total for this project is $122,000.00.

  2. Renovating the Hex

    1. We would like to Renovate the Hex to provide more year round housing. Renovations would include installing a kitchen, upgrading the bathroom, installing a furnace and upgrading the sleeping arrangements. The estimate for this project is $20,000.00. We have already raised over $10,000.

  3. A Floor Scrubber

    1. Camp is in need of a floor scrubber to help with the appearance and upkeep of the floors in our Lodge, Chap and Gym. The cost for this is $6,000.

If you feel like you want to give towards this cause, we encourage you to donate today!

Simply click the 'Donate' Button and type in 'Camp Chestermere' into the search bar.

Type in which project you'd like to donate towards and follow the steps from there!

If you have any questions, or what to know more about what we do, click the 'Contact Us' button.

Thank you to our donors

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