Camp Chestermere is holding social distancing Day Camps for the Summer 2020 season - Enough! We have worked closely with both AHS and CHEMA in order to provide programming that will ensure the health and safety of all participants, while still maintaining a fun and exciting camp experience. Campers will be in cohorts of 8 children with two leaders. Cohorts are divided up by age so that campers are with others who are similar in age. We will have all campers run through pre-approved activities including Archery, Target-shooting, Power-tubing, Kayaking, Beach Time, Arts & Crafts and so much more. Activities will be tailored to the campers' age group. We will be diligently following the expectations laid out by AHS as the safety of your children is paramount. We are incredibly thrilled to bring Day Camp to you during this difficult time, and we hope that this experience can bring you and your families some reprieve. Thank you for continuing to be a part of this organization and allowing us to maintain Camp Chestermere as A Place to Belong.


Below is our Summer 2020 Day Camp Schedule! Each week is $275/camper*. Themes are outlined beside each week

Registration Deadline for each week is THURSDAY AT NOON the week before.

DC - Week 1 - June 1 - June 5 (Safari) - Ages 4-15
DC - Week 2 - June 8 - June 12 (Pirates Cove) - Ages 4-15
DC - Week 3 - June 15 - June 19 (Holidays) - Ages 4-15
DC - Week 4 - June 22 - June 26 (Galaxy) - Ages 4-15
DC - Week 5 - June 29 - July 3 (Olympics) - Ages 4-15
DC - Week 6 - July 6 - July 10 (Disney) - Ages 5-13

DC - Week 7 - July 13 - July 17 (Marvel vs DC) - Ages 5-13

DC - Week 8 - July 20 - July 24 (Time Travelers) - Ages 5-13
DC - Week 9 - July 27 - July 31 (Spy) - Ages 5-13
DC - (SHORT) Week 10 - Aug 4 - Aug 7 (Let's Game) - Ages 5-13
DC - Week 11 - Aug 10 - Aug 14 (Silly Circus) - Ages 5-13
DC - Week 12 - Aug 17 - Aug 21 (Survivor) - Ages 5-13
DC - Week 13 - Aug 24 - Aug 28 (TV Faves) - Ages 5

*Aug 4-7 Day Camp is only $220*

DC - Week 14 - Aug 31 - Sept 4 (Daily Camps) - Ages 5-13

^Daily Camps at $40/day per child^


In accordance with government procedure, Camp Chestermere has updated our policies for the 2020 season. We ask that you please take a minute to read through the following information.


Age Specific Camps:
- Camps will only be made visible to you if your child is eligible to participate.
- Due to a significant cut to our programming and increased demand for positions, we will only be registering children who fall within the designated age range of their selected camp. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate age override requests for the 2020 season.
- Camp Chestermere reserves the right to decline applications of campers who do not meet age eligibility requirements, who have not completed the required forms (including the COVID-19 pre-screening form), or *who have not paid their registration fees in advance of their selected camp.
- Campers will be in cohorts of 8 children with two leaders and the cohorts are divided up by age. Your camper will be other children who are their age.
- Activities are tailored to the age of the children. 
- Total payment of all registration fees is due in advance of your selected camp, entry to camp will not be permitted if any fees are left outstanding.

- Due to COVID-19 Protocols, all meals need to be prepared from home and brought to the camp. We will not be serving any lunches to campers this summer.
- Camp Chestermere will not be providing anything to heat up the meals your camper brings to camp.

Helping All Campers Succeed
- Our Helping All Campers Succeed Program is running for Summer 2020 but at a reduced capacity due to COVID-19 related budget constraints. We ask that any parents/guardians who require 1:1-1:3 for their child(ren) indicate as such in the below fields, and we will contact you to discuss if / how we can help your child have a successful week. 


Payment Methods

- Parents/guardians are no longer permitted to remit payment at drop-off. All outstanding fees must be paid in advance of your select camp in order for your child(ren) to be permitted entry.

- Payment must be made via credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express only - Visa Debit is not accepted) online, in advance of your selected camp. 

- If you wish to pay in-person using debit, you will be required to book an appointment in advance of your selected camp with our camp office. If you wish to remit payment via e-transfer, contact our bookkeeper.

- Cheques and post-dated cheques must be mailed in and received in advance of your selected camp. 

- Cash is no longer being accepted as a method of payment. 


Financial Assistance Information - Jar Jar's Kids

- If you require Financial Assistance, you will be required to fill out our financial assistance application. Ensure to include the most recent tax year's notice of assessment form, indicating your households total annual income. We will also require written confirmation of what you are able to contribute towards your child(ren)s camp to proceed with your application. Due to a significant cut to our programming and increased demand for positions, we cannot guarantee sponsorship towards camps for the 2020 season.


Cancellation Policy:

- If you cancel your registration with 15 days or more in advance of your selected camp, you will receive a full refund of your registration fees.

- If you cancel your registration between  7-14 days in advance of your selected camp, you will receive a 50% refund of your registration fees.

- If you cancel your registration 0-6 days in advance of your selected camp, you will receive no refund of your registration fees. 

- No refunds will be provided for campers who are removed from programming for any reason once their week of camp has begun. 


* * * Any questions or concerns regarding this policy should be directed to our camp office.


If you've already registered for Overnight Camp...

- Please select "I am registered for overnight camp and would like to apply those fees to my day camp registration." as your payment option. You will not be charged at checkout.

- A Camp Chestermere representative will be e-mailing you to confirm that your fees have been applied to your new day camp registration and to discuss the options available to you for the remaining balance.

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