Please search through our CLTD FAQ's before contacting the camp with your question. If your question is not answered by any of these FAQ's, we'd love to help you in any way possible.




How old does my child have to be to attend the youth program?


CLTD - Foundation (Year 1) need to be going into Grade 9 and CLTD - Leadership (Year Three) needs to be going into grade 11. 


Why does my child have to apply for the program and have three references?


The CLTD program is not just another camp. It is meant for youth who are serious about growing in their faith and learning how to be leaders in their community and in other areas of their lives. Hearing from those that have walked with them outside of camp will give the Youth Leaders the ability to see the applicant as it pertains to their community. The references also help us to determine the gifts and struggles of each individual group and prepare sessions to meet those particular demands.

The CLTD Program runs for two weeks, does my child spend the weekend at camp?


No, the CLTD's return home for the weekend, allowing a time for both participants and leaders to rest and prepare for the next week of camp. There are no staff available on the weekends to supervise. If participants are unable to return home on the weekends parents are responsible to find alternative lodging for their young people. Pick up time on Friday is 4:30 pm and drop off is on Sunday at 5 pm.