CLTD stands for Christian Leadership Training and Discipleship.  The program was established several years ago for teenage campers that wanted to develop their faith and spiritual knowledge. This program runs for young people starting for those entering grade 9, and involves 3 consecutive summers of programming. It is the goal of the three-year CLTD program to develop young disciples who honor God with their lives, enhance the church, and impact the world.

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Year 1 - Foundation

CLTD Foundation is a 2-week-long summer program for students who have completed grade 8 and above. It is designed as an introduction to the foundations of the Christian faith. Participants will engage in sessions that offer insight to the Christian faith and provide opportunity for discussion and reflection. They will also take part in team-building and other camp activities, as well as have opportunities to serve the camp through tasks like dishes and seaweed raking. This program is appropriate for any faith level from interested non-believer to church-raised youth.

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Year 2 - Discipleship

CLTD Discipleship is another 2-week-long summer program that builds upon the understandings put in place during Foundations. Year two CLTDs will participate in sessions that help them to continue to explore their faith, discover their identity as a disciple, and learn skills to share their faith practically with peers. This program will continue to focus on serving the camp, but will also provide an opportunity for Discipleship participants to serve the community through a service day.

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Year 3 - Leadership

CLTD Leadership focuses on developing leadership skills that can be useful in both a camp setting as well as in the everyday lives of participants. This final year of the program is 3 weeks in length and consists of 3 components:

  • One week of Camp Staff Training with all other staff members at the start of the summer.

  • One week together partaking in sessions focused on leadership skills, personal growth, and service opportunities.

  • A final week of practicum in a variety of areas after which they can be hired by our Staff Team Leaders as official staff!

This program is open to those who have completed either 'CLTD - Discipleship' or anyone who has completed grade 10 and is interested in becoming staff.